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How to Find Us


Fully Equipped Gym in Dagenham

Shape up, get fit and look great by visiting our fully equipped gym in Dagenham today. Peak Fitness gym has been operating in the local Essex area as a family-run business since 1995. Packed with the latest cardiovascular machines, fixed weight machines and free weights, our gym offers affordable memberships for all ages and sizes.

If you’re looking for Personal Trainers in Dagenham you have found the right place. We will work with you closely to help develop routines based around your current fitness levels, abilities and requirements. All of our staff are highly experienced, friendly and completely dedicated to helping you achieve optimum results.

First for Weight Loss in Dagenham

Our gym is ideal for those who wish to make weight loss in Dagenham a priority. Our calorie and fat burning routines make the most of our cardiovascular and resistance equipment to help you shed excess body fat comfortably and to make sure the weight comes off and stays off.

Personal Training

Personal training is often associated with rich and famous celebrities but we make it highly affordable to everybody. Not only do we offer personal training at very reasonable prices, but our Gold, Silver and Bronze Tiers include access to Personal Training within the cost of membership, making them outstanding value. If you’re looking for a Personal Trainer in Dagenham, you have come to the right place. Your Personal Trainer in Dagenham will not only look after your training needs but also advise you on diet and supplementation. By constantly monitoring your progress, measuring your body fat and changing your training regimes, we can help you to get in the best ever shape of your life and stay that way.

ONE2ONE Personal Training is available to members at a very reasonable £26 per session or a block booking of six is only £130.00. We also offer Personal Training to Non-members, please phone for prices.

  • Weight Training Machines
  • Fully Equipped Gymnasium
  • Ideal for Weight Loss
  • Weight Training in Dagenham
  • Body Building
  • Personal Training
  • Affordable Membership Structure
  • Cardio Workouts
  • Fixed and Free Weights

Our Facilities

Our facilities are spread over several key areas to give our valued members more scope and choice than ever before:

GYM Area 1 - CV Equipment

  • 5 x Treadmills
  • 4 x Upright Cycles
  • 2 x Recumbent Cycles
  • 2 x Concept Rowers
  • 2 x Cross Trainers
  • 2 x Steppers
  • 1 x Versaclimber
  • 1 x Recumbent leg press
  • 1 x Leg Press
  • 1 x Seat chest press
  • 1 x Ab Curl
  • 1 x Adductor/Abductor
  • 1 x Glute machine
  • 1 x Seated Leg curl/ Extension
  • 1 x Leg extension
  • 1 x Lat pull down
  • 1 x Squat rack
  • 1 x adjustable bench
  • Dumbells 1kg –10kg
  • 2 x Core stability balls
  • 2 x Ab Rollers
  • 1 x Oblique twister
  • 1 x Tricep push downs
  • 1 x Dorsal raise

GYM Area 2

  • Dumbbells from 7lb to 132lb
  • Kettle Bells from 4kg to 24kg
  • 3 x Adjustable Benches
  • 1 x Smith Machine
  • 1 x 45-Degree Leg Press
  • 1 Hack Squat
  • 2 x Pull-Down Machines
  • 1 x Seated Row
  • 1 x T-Bar Row
  • 1 x Flat Bench
  • 1 x Incline Bench
  • 1 x Decline Bench
  • 1 x Standing Calf Raise
  • 1 x Seated Calf Raise
  • 1 x Cable Crossover
  • 1 x Hammer Strength Chest Press
  • 1 x Hammer Strength Shoulder Press
  • 1 x Dipping Bar
  • 1 x Chinning Bar
  • 1 x Heavy Leg Extension
  • 1 x Lying Leg Curl
  • 1 x Squat Rack/Power Rack
  • 2 x Preacher Curl Benches


  • 4 x Punch Bags (Different Types)
  • Crash Mats

Relaxation Area

After weight training in Dagenham, enjoy a delicious ice-cold nutrition packed protein or weight gain shake and protein snacks in the relaxation area at our fitness centre in Dagenham.

Supplement Shop

Our fully stocked shop sells all types of supplements by leading brands including Scitec Nutrition, Muscle Fury, Powerbar Peak Body and InterActive Nutrition. Scitec Nutrition
is one of the leading manufacturers of sports supplements and the flavours of their protein and weight gain shakes are absolutely delicious!

Sunbeds and Sunroom

Sunsation Tanning Centre is found within Peak Fitness and offers fast tanning sunbeds and a super fast tan upright sunroom, and sells the latest tanning creams and
lotions from Absolute Gold.

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